CAC Manpower:

Personnel Competency

To assure the maintenance execution and services quality and on line with Our Client internal regulation, an very Special Recruitment to any of the key personnel mobilized to site.

Manpower Appearance

CAC Co. will maintain their appearance in line with the specific level and standard proposed, such appearance shall be maintained regardless of the type and nature of their working activities as well as the safety tools that are mandatory to be utilized.  uniform shall be provided for the CAC maintenance technicians. and We will use a suitable tools for every work need

 Reporting And Documentation

All levels and by all means communication should be kept intact.

Data is to be documented on a weekly/monthly basis in an appropriate manner. Regular reporting will be provided on a weekly/monthly basis by

  • Preventive Maintenance

Routine service rendered periodically as per the time scale recommended by the manufacturer, or as otherwise advised by the Owner  , to equipment and systems within the location buildings to assure their impeccable operation in all perspectives.

    This shall be conducted by well-qualified personnel of CAC co.'s engineers & technicians, employing the soundest techniques there by avoiding potential malfunctions that might affect the equipment and systems continuous operation or the lifetime of any of the constituent components. For that the CAC Co. shall provide all necessary, tools and equipment necessary to perform the service complete meeting  the Owner  approved quality level .

  • Corrective Maintenance

 CAC Co. independent finding of a fault and reporting it to  the Owner responsible. The objective is to promptly respond to a work order from  authorized personnel or a CAC co. finding of a fault and permanently rectify the fault, replacing components if needed, ensuring its minimal outage in order to resume complete equipment and systems proper functioning. The Service is time bound in need to recuperate equipment and systems condition pursuant to assure with measurement factors as follows:-

* Time taken to respond to fault detection and/or reporting

* (Response Time): the only binding time criteria

* since there is resident technical staff for CAC Co on site.

*  Temporarily retrieve equipment or system operation (Temporary

Fixing) by CAC Co staff.

* Quality permanent recuperation of the equipment or systems to the

approved quality level  .

C - Equipment & Systems Operation (Day-To-Day)

24-hour basis operation of the equipment and systems

D- Monthly maintenance Visit

For the  Req. Co. if needed .

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