CAC Projects planning

Projects planning are executed by specialist planning engineers located at regional offices and on site as required. All recognized planning techniques and planning systems are used to suit particular contract requirements and/or the specific needs of any particular project.

CAC application of planning is to co-ordinate its work within the overall project plan, establish practical logic and create objectives for all parties concerned in the engineering and commercial requirements of the project.

Stage 1: Strategic Appraisal of Project at Tender Stage

Manpower requirements and material supply schedules are prepared in

Conjunction with outline parameters given in tender documentation,

Highlighting critical areas of installation and resource problems of

Material deliveries and labor force.

Stage 2: Contract/Sub-Contract

Sub-contract are prepared which are fundamentally based

on the main contract. Various methods such as bar chart or

critical analysis are employed providing, at the earliest possible time, any conflict between the two enabling rectification or modification to be implemented.

Stage 3: Supporting Schedules

Drawing production schedules using the most up-to-date CAD Systems, material delivery schedules and other resource schedules are

developed simultaneously with the sub contract enabling any production problems to be identified and remedial action initiated. These schedules are monitored and updated at regular intervals.

Stage 4: Progress Monitoring and Control

A labor monitoring system is operated as a contract control system

Ensuring that shortfalls in production are detected at an early stage and

Manning levels can be modified to accommodate client changes.

Material ordering and supply is also monitored enabling timely ordering of basic materials which can be assessed against the main sub-contract.

Various international standard software packages are used including Power Project, MS. Project, and Primavera to meet particular project needs.


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